About David Barr

About David Barr

I started this journey to heal myself. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Medications made the condition manageable, but I often built up a tolerance to them or couldn’t deal with the side effects. While studying Psychology at Rhode Island College, a class in perception piqued my curiosity about how the brain works, the mind/body connection, and the nature of consciousness. Several severe IBS flare-ups renewed that interest some time later. I began looking for alternative forms of treatment. That’s when I discovered that a number of people were turning to hypnosis and having success with it. Rather than book a session or buy a CD, I sought to learn all I could about hypnosis and the techniques used to perform it. In Spring of 2006, I attended the American School of Hypnosis and became a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner. Within 3 months of graduating, daily self-hypnosis sessions had my condition under control.

In Fall of 2006, while attending a holistic conference, I met Susan Morgan of the Mystic Dream Center. After talking with Susan and attending a couple of her workshops that day, she had me convinced of the importance of dreaming and paying attention to my dreams. Susan recommended some books. I read all of them and numerous others. I also went on to study extensively with both Susan and author/dream teacher Robert Moss. Reconnecting with my dreams has since helped me navigate through life. That holistic conference was also my first exposure to Reiki. The practitioners explained that it involved channeling energy. My science background had me skeptical. Then I had a dream that Reiki and energy were important.  I began studying with Myra Partika, took to Reiki immediately, and went on to become a Reiki Master.

My Reiki studies lead to a fascination with energy, which lead me to look into studying other forms of energy healing.  A friend referred me to Jackie Eaton of Angelights, who I learned Magnified Healing from. The same friend also convinced me to start studying with Isa Gucciardi of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. After completing Isa’s Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion, I wanted to know more about the Shamanic techniques that she incorporated into her teaching. So, I enrolled in the Applied Shamanism program to continue learning. I still continue to study with the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. I’m always reading, attending workshops, and brainstorming to learn and create new ways to empower myself and others.

I know that the techniques that I’ve learned work. I’ve used them to live a richer, fuller life and can help you do the same…


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