Does stress exist?

I was talking with my doctor the other day and he asked me how my practice was going. I had learned some new hypnosis techniques since my last visit to him and decided to share a little about my studies. Fortunately, my doctor is open to holistic modalities and takes an interest in what I do. So, we began talking about stress and stress management. He said that a lot of people are suffering from stress right now. I said something that made him look at me like I had two heads. I said that stress doesn’t really exist. When I saw the look on his face, I pointed to his waste paper basket and asked if he could fill it with stress for me right then and there. He couldn’t. Stress isn’t tangible. It is a state that we create within ourselves. It’s a waste of thoughts and energy. Then, I began to explain how hypnosis helps with stress management. Think of all of your body’s systems as a highway system. Now think of stress as a traffic jam. Your brain is your GPS. Sometimes our maps get outdated, so we miss out on better ways of getting to where we want to be. We can use hypnosis to upgrade your maps and establish a connection with a “traffic report.” When the traffic report shows a build up starting, your GPS can indicate that a better route is available and recalculate new directions for you. We can use hypnosis to train your brain to recognize the beginnings of a buildup of thoughts and energy. We can show your subconscious mind that a better route is available. Instead of getting stressed out, we can remain calm and divert those thoughts and that energy to something more positive. My doctor thought about everything for a moment and said that was a good way of looking at stress. So, think about it. Does stress really exisit?

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